Horror at Homecoming at Mayhem High

I attended the Homecoming celebration at Mayhem High last weekend!

Mayhem High is a quiet high school in the middle of… somecoughtown… in the great state of… somecoughian… with absolutely LOVELY students. The entire class was excited for the Homecoming dance and to discover who had won Homecoming King and Queen. We gathered at the dance, had some punch and danced to the music of the 90’s. (Backstreet Boys and N’SYNC, yo.)

Sarah Social and I, Clerical Katie, put the Homecoming dance together and took care of the voting for King and Queen. And by “took care of,” I mean fixed.



Peter Prez, the student class president, and his “girlfriend” stabbed me in the back. He was supposed to take me to the dance… not her. I couldn’t let them win Homecoming King and Queen, but they were going to win. The votes said it all! No! Bobby Backer and Dolly Dancer paid Sarah and I off to win, and I made sure it happened.

That’ll show Peter.

But then… something horrible happened at the dance… Everything was going so well until… After Bobby accepted his crown, he was murdered!

Horror at Homecoming Theme Party

I was shocked! I was appalled! I was… so… nervous I’d get caught! I had to cover my tracks and figure out who really killed Bobby.

Because I didn’t do it.

Well, according to my character description, I didn’t do it.

Last weekend, a couple of my friends put on a Horror at Homecoming theme party in which all guests were given characters to portray throughout the night. Our goal was to discover who was the murderer…

…who happened to be the nicest, most lovely student at the school: Cindy Sensational. Who was also our host of the party, along with her husband. (Their dog’s name is Pupcake. I die.)

Theme parties are a hoot! I had so much fun pretending to a vindictive you-know-what and trying to frame my fellow students for murder in order to protect my own butt. Husband had fun, too.

Yes. I dragged my husband to a theme party.


Blew my mind.

Have you ever been to a theme party? What kind?

Today is my jewelry party! See photos and recipes soon!