My September fitness challenge

I have to exercise to lose weight.

I know this.

The problem with exercise is that it takes time. Time is something of which I don’t always have enough.

My schedule is FINALLY normal, but I still don’t have the time I need before work to get up and exercise. Too early. My lunch break isn’t long enough for me to get in much of a workout…. plus, I have to eat! After work, I am so exhausted that I just don’t want to exercise.


…still don’t have one yet.

But I know I have to exercise to lose weight.

I started two fitness challenges in September so I could get a workout, however small, in every day.

The first is the September School House Rock Hard Abs, which I think is a ridiculous name, but I don’t name these things.

And the second is the Squat September Challenge.

I just don’t follow all the rules… like the first one and the last one. Don’t care.

September is almost over, and I haven’t done too well with either of my challenges. If I wear a skirt to work, I can’t do my fitness challenges, except for squats, at work during my lunch (and I don’t have time to change clothes at work).

I guess I am doing well on my squats challenge. I’ve done almost all of them, and, boy, do my quads hurt.

My ab challenge? Not so much. I hate burpees. Burpees are awful, and I don’t jump. It’s not that I can’t, it’s that I don’t.

I am also making more of an effort to go to Power Yoga twice a week.

I feel good about the exercise that I’m getting, but I wish I could get more and I wish I had the energy to get the exercise in every day.

I guess that’s the beauty of my fitness challenges: I might not be getting the amount of exercise in that I need, but I am increasing the amount of energy I have, which will lead to more exercises when I’m usually exhausted.

Are you working on a fitness challenge? How’s it going for you?

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