All my… boxes… are… unpacked?

On the third day of my four-day weekend, I unpacked ALL the boxes in my house.




It took one month and two days to unpack and to find homes, permanent or temporary, for all of the items that came to the new house with us.

Some of those things found a home in the trash.

The house is finally starting to look like our home :)

The largest project of the day was to find a place for all of these books…


I didn’t quite succeed finding homes for ALL of the books, but I did find a place to put some of the ones I couldn’t prominently display.


I have two stacks of books hiding in a cabinet. I am ashamed! But I ran out of space on my teeny tiny bookcase… that is packed to the brim.

Abe Lincoln print and a stack of books

A pretty little book shelf PACKED FULL of books under a print of Abe Lincoln. We have a neat-oh office in the works.

office desk and books

I am donating the books under the desk to my friends who are still in graduate school. Almost all of my old text books. I don’t need to read Mass Media Law ever again in my life. Nor do I need to read all of those Pop Culture journals. No.

The kitchen is coming together, too. I found a home for the wall clock, which has been driving me crazy, and finally hung our calendar where we mark all of our bills!

The tops of the kitchen cabinets are filled with… of course… books.

kitchen cabinet decoration

kitchen cabinet decorations

When you need a library and don’t have a library, you use whatever space you can. We’ve got kitchen cabinets covered in political science and religious books (I typed boobs… wow), autobiographies and Steig Larson’s Millennium Trilogy. Probably out-of-place in the kitchen, those ones.

The rest of the books have been assigned to the living room mantle.

living room fireplace mantle

Some of the books are hiding behind the chimney wall on the other side. We also have a little shrine dedicated to J. R. R. Tolkien and The Lord of the Rings… and video games.

J.R.R. Tolkein

Finally, I hung curtains in the dining room, which I just now decided that I want to replace, and I have a half-finished dining room wall with a bunch of random framed photos I have no intention of hanging on the unfinished dining room wall.

You also get a little dog butt in the next photo.

dining room curtains

framed sepia artwork

Putting a house together is hard work, especially when you want it to be absolutely perfect because it’s your home.

My next project is to paint this cabinet…


…to match this bedroom set.

bedroom furniture in black

Oh, Pinterest. Here I come!

My style in decoration and home decor flip-flops between traditional and modern. I cannot decide what my focus should be because I tend to decorate with found items I fall in love with or am gifted.

What do you think? Am I out of touch?