Fashion Friday: Working on my work wardrobe

I am easily distracted.

My Saturday goal was to shop a few thrift stores around Wichita, and to stop by a few garage sales with promising ads: “Vintage jewelry.”

I have high dreams about owning a sewing machine and becoming the next 49 Dresses.

However, on my way to Plato’s Closet, a used clothing store, I found Wichita’s Ross Dress for Less, which is basically TJMaxx.

Shockingly enough… the Ross Dress for Less is located right next to TJMaxx… I should have compared merchandising and pricing, but I got distracted…


Ross Dress for Less Wichita KansasI posted this picture to Instagram, and my dear friend Sami said: “Please tell me you bought this.”

Of course I did. It was $20.

I’m not one for dresses unless I’m going to a wedding or a funeral. The only reason I bought a dress in Kansas City was because my friends were convinced I’d be miserable in jeans.

They were right. I would have been.

But this dress caught the eye of my inner fashionista who, most the time, is in hibernation mode, and it’s impossible to wake her up.

Point being: I don’t know how to dress myself.

But this dress will sure help! I’m in love. (And you better believe I checked to make sure it was machine washable. I don’t do dry clean only.)

At Ross, I also bought a shirt with a built-in camisole, which I love but did not know existed in fancy-pants clothing town. Sweet deal.

Ross Dress for Less Wichita Kansas

(Sorry, my tank top is hanging out from under the shirt… Lookin’ classy!)

A big part of my buys – and a big part of my shopping trip last weekend – can be attributed to the fact that I go to work in TURTLE NECK SWEATERS and CARDIGANS in 100+ degree heat.

Because that’s all I own.

My husband actually told me to go shopping for work clothes that matched the season (mostly so I’d stop complaining about being so hot). My office… at least the area around my cubicle… is not cold enough for cowl-neck-winter-friendly clothing.

Building the wardrobe bit by bit… I’m set for winter. Lucky me.

I took cash to my shopping excursion so I wouldn’t spend too much money. I only had about five bucks left for the vintage jewelry, which was way overpriced for a garage sale, but I did buy a string of pearls that I fully intend on wearing with my new dress.


Am I getting better at this whole dressing-nice-for-work thing?