Why I switched to plain Greek yogurt

Last week, while I munched on Oikos Greek yogurt with blueberries for breakfast, I scanned the bar code with my Fooducate app.

My delicious daily breakfast came back with what I consider a poor grade.


I’m glad it’s naturally high in calcium, and I can look past the 4.5 grams of sugar per serving…

But… bug powder? Seriously?

Oikos Greek yogurt with blueberries contains carmine, a red food coloring made of ground up powdered Cochineal bugs. The Aztecs used the bug powder to dye their clothing; food producers use it to dye your food.


After reading the Fooducate score and information, I couldn’t finish my yogurt. I was eating bugs! I hate bugs! And it’s not necessarily the bug that is the problem, it’s the fact that they couldn’t come up with something other than a bug to color my food. I can dye my hair with tea, and food producers couldn’t think of something better than a bug.

Gross. Me. Out. Lazy.

I hunted around for a Greek yogurt with blueberries that did not contain artificial colors, but was sorely disappointed to find out that the only Greek yogurt that scored A’s were plain.

Plain yogurt.

Plain Greek yogurt.

Wowza. That stuff is strong!

I made the switch to plain Greek yogurt right after “eating” my last yogurt with artificial colors, and it was rough. I tried to add banana slices and granola, but it did not work as well as I wanted.

I plan to add berries instead of bananas, which will sweeten without making it heavier, and use it to make overnight oats. I am not ready to eat it straight.

Ha! It sounds like I’m trying to take a shot of bourbon (which I also can’t do) – blech!

Bug powder. That’s why I switched to plain Greek yogurt.

Of course, some yogurt bugs aren’t bad at all. What’s your favorite yogurt?

4 thoughts on “Why I switched to plain Greek yogurt

    • skinnyshae

      Exactly my thoughts! Just let the blueberries be whatever color they turn when you put them in the yogurt!

      I will have to try the honey. I’ve never thought of it because I’m not a big honey fan unless I’m sick. Love honey in my green tea when I’m sick. Honey and lemon = heaven!


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