Fashion Friday: A jewelry party

There are moments in a woman’s life when she wants to gather with her friends… in pajamas… with a bottle of red wine to look at jewelry.

ladies jewelry partyAnd then buy some of that jewelry…

My friend hosted a Premier Designs jewelry show at her new house. I was excited to see the new house and excited to see jewelry! The saleswoman, Kathy, was fabulous. She set up the table for us to browse and to show us how to make our jewelry choices suck less.

Did you know you can crochet a string of pearls?!

You can. I did it. It was awesome.

Kathy and Kacey (our co-host!)

crochet a pearl necklace to make it designer


I am not usually one to attend a jewelry/makeup/home/garden party because I am not that girly.


Generally, I find girly-ness awkward. And I’m not that good at it. But after being a work-a-holic, house-a-holic and cardboard-box-a-holic, I really wanted to be a girl.

Like a real girl.

So I went to a jewelry party and had a FANTASTIC time.

Kathy showed us how to fashion ourselves with jewelry, which I’m terrible at doing. Seriously, I wear three pieces of jewelry… and two of those are earrings… which are studs.

I don’t usually mix it up.

Kathy showed me how to be fun and funky or edgy and cute or girly… or whatever!

kathy the jewelry lady showing us how to look good

Because I had so much fun, I decided to host a jewelry party with Kathy at my new house. Jewelry party + new house = housewarming party for my girls. Two birds. One stone.

I’m so smart.

I also want my friends to buy bunches of jewelry AS CHRISTMAS PRESENTS for their family so I can get a bunch of freebie jewelry TO GIVE AWAY AS CHRISTMAS PRESENTS for my family. I’m really giving like that.

kacey and her free jewelry from premier designs

I didn’t actually buy the earring or watches below, but I thought about it. I bought my grandmother a pin and myself a pretty necklace, which I will show you when I get them… still in the mail.

hoop plated silver earrings with turquoise colored stones


gold and silver fashion watches