A trip to the zoo + a busy Sunday afternoon

I am an awesome big sister. I took my 9-year-old brother to the zoo this morning.

sedgwick county zoo lion exhibitLook at that stud. He’s just south of five foot, and I’m just north of five foot. Yes. That’s right. My 9-year-old brother is pretty much my size. It’s depressing.

My first stop was to my grandparents’ house. Grandma fed me breakfast: a chocolate chip oatmeal cookie, a slice of cantaloupe and two sweet red cherries.

a fruit breakfastRight after eating that cantaloupe, my grandfather informed me he heard in the news that there was a salmonella outbreak in cantaloupe. Joy. It’s the Jimmy John’s scare of 2012 all over again.

Papa apologized for feeding me potentially poisonous fruit by giving me a planter for the daisy Husband brought home the other week.

daisyI haven’t killed it yet. Green thumb for the win.

After a lovely visit with my grandparents’, Zak and I headed to the zoo!

sedgwick county zoo penguin exhibit

sedgwick county zoo tortoise exhibitMeet Jimmy the Penguin and Jerry the Tortoise. My little brother named almost every animal we saw. Some of his favorite exhibits included creepy lizards, bats and river rays, which he decided he could turn in to food.

sedgwick county zoo creepy lizardsedgwick county zoo rain forest exhibitsedgwick county zoo river raysWe both enjoyed the lions and tigers and just about every animal in the African section.

sedgwick county zoo lion exhibit

sedgwick county zoo lion exhibitsedgwick county zoo tiger exhibitZak was pretty fascinated by the gorillas, though, and I caught a few great pictures. My favorite photo: two apes staring at each other. Ha!

sedgwick county zoo ape exhibit

sedgwick county zoo ape exhibit

sedgwick county zoo ape exhibit


sedgwick county zoo ape exhibitThe ape above was the smallest in the exhibit, and he seemed a little sad. I wanted to give him a treat.

After two hours of walking around the Sedgwick County Zoo, Zak and I were pooped! (All that exercise!) We left the animals, stopped by Subway and headed back to mom’s house. I left Zak after we had lunch, but he seemed pretty OK with his AWESOME sister leaving the house. Guh.

When I got home, I got to work. I organized my recipes, planned my grocery shopping trip and cleaned up my house.

I feel so accomplished today! I hope this energy sticks around so I can make a delicious dinner.









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