Home Sweet Home

The home-buying process is long and tedious and stressful.

The moving process is hot and sweaty and dirty.

The home organizing process is complicated and crazy and…

You get the idea.

Husband and I spent the last two months looking for a house, finding a house, applying for a loan, packing, cleaning, preparing and moving…

We are finally home.

house hunting

Our little bungalow is perfect. New roof (the old roof is pictured), new furnace, new electrical box… it was a flip, but I’m in love. We’re working on making it ours.

gas fireplace in the front room

Our front room fireplace doesn’t work, but it is very ornate, so at least it looks pretty. We are going to replace it with a direct exhaust gas fireplace… some day.

sitting room

The other side of our living room is still in the works. I don’t like those chairs their, and I don’t like that the large cabinet between them. It’s just too many pieces of big furniture in one area. For now, it will do. My plan, though, is to Pinterest that cabinet and move it upstairs to act as a bedside table.

new sheets

We have one bedside chest, but not on MY side of the bed.

Throughout the entire process, I did not take one day off from work, but I did take a lot of days off from diet and exercise.

And I feel like c-r-a-p crap.

I have not been to yoga in weeks. I attempted to go to yoga on Wednesday and Saturday last week, but had zero energy after work on Wednesday and couldn’t find my yoga pants on Saturday. (I also may have stayed out a little too late on Friday spending money on jewelry. BTW jewelry parties are so much fun.)

From Monday, July 30, to Sunday, August 5, my husband and I did not eat at home. We ate out or ate takeout every single night and almost every single day. We had no food in either house and had to throw some food away because we moved when it was 1,000 degrees outside.

The main reason I’ve been so far from blogging is because I have not been working out and I have not been eating well.

But now that we’re getting more and more settled in, I hope to correct that little problem.

Be back soon! I promise!