The future of Numana

On Friday, July 13, I learned that my friend Rick McNary and his staff are no longer working for Numana, Inc.

My first experience with Numana, Inc. was during my Health Communication class at Wichita State University.

The first time I heard Rick speak, I was inspired by him, and he is one of the reasons I became so passionate about hunger and food security.

Numana, Inc., led by Rick and his staff, was the organization that helped our class with WSU Hunger Awareness Day.

Now, Rick and his staff are no longer members of that organization, and I am shocked. It was a board decision.

I know Rick and his family and his staff will never stop their work. I know that.

Prayers, kind thoughts and hopeful words for Rick and for the future of Numana, Inc. are welcomed.

Rick is not finished. Neither are we.

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One thought on “The future of Numana

  1. Mimi

    And Amen! Thank you Rick for allowing even those who never before directly participated in helping to feed the hungry do so. You empowered even the youngest child to be Christ’s hands in the filling of those bags! “Feed My sheep” is twofold…. But we must begin with physical hunger before we care for the spiritual need. ~mimi newman


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