Eat more than 300 calories for breakfast

Have you seen Jimmy Dean’s “Eat Like a Bird” commercial?

Sun is just amazed by her “under 300 calories” breakfast. She’s eating bird food!

Quick question: Why in the world would anyone eat less than 300 calories for breakfast?

If I don’t eat at least 350 calories for breakfast, I am starving by 10 a.m.! Starving. (And I still have a giant apple at 11 a.m. to keep myself from pigging out at lunch and dinner.)

That apple was the size of my coffee cup…

Additional question: Why would anyone who wants to lose weight eat less than 300 calories  for breakfast?

According to a study conducted at Virginia Commonwealth University, a person will feel less hungry throughout the day, even at lunch and dinner, if he or she eats a larger breakfast.

In my experience, I will over eat at lunch and dinner if I do not get enough breakfast. (See above. Not kidding.)

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Sleeping is fasting, and the body needs fuel when it wakes to get going again.

Every aspect of your life will be better if you eat a healthy filling breakfast. You’re body will work better, internally (metabolism) and externally (less lethargy). You’re brain will work better (more focus).

You will notice the difference in mental and physical performance almost immediately. I promise.

Unless you have been told by your doctor to eat less than 300 calories for breakfast, I believe you should aim for a 350- and 500-calorie bfreakfast broken out between fiber, fat and protein.

So whip up these EatingWell Waffles. Cover them with berries and bananas, and perhaps a bit of syrup or jam. Fry up a couple of eggs, salt and pepper to taste. Drink a glass of milk, a glass or orange juice or several cups a cup of coffee.

…probably skip the sausage links and ham…

Be full.

Feel fueled.

Have breakfast.