The great protein debate

My step-father was a body builder…

Well, he was not a professional body builder, but he did lift weights regularly, and he had big muscles.

So he was a body builder.

An entire corner of our kitchen counter was dedicated to protein powder and creatine.

I do not lift weights regularly. I do not have big muscles. I do not consume nearly as much protein as my step-father did.

According to the United States Department of Agriculture, a person should consume 0.36 grams per pound of body weight. I weigh 135 pounds. My recommended daily allowance of protein is 48 grams, which is spot on considering an adult woman should consume about 46 grams of protein a day.

I probably do not eat as much protein as I should, and I should eat more protein if I want to lose weight.

According to Livestrong, the University of Illinois designed a weight-loss program in which one group ate the RDA protein and another group ate two times the RDA recommended amount. The group who ate more protein lost more weight over the course of the program.

Another study feature in the Livestrong article said people who ate more protein showed better health, in general.

Protein provides the body with more energy, helps the body burn calories better and longer and builds muscles.

However, I am concerned that if I consume too much protein and do not use it to the best of my ability, it will turn in to fat!

As I said, I do not lift weights regularly, and I do not think my body weight lifting done in yoga is considered heavy lifting.

At least I hope not…

How much protein do you eat?

What do you think? Should I eat my RDA of protein or should I bulk up the intake and attempt to lose weight?

4 thoughts on “The great protein debate

  1. silas

    You would be suprised how much of the American diet consists of protien, you are most likely consuming your daily needs before noon. I myself find no benefits when it comes to extra protien and weight lifting, seems like a placebo effect to me, if you spend money on something to help you gain mass its gonna make you wanna lift harder.


  2. martha84

    These are great questions. Here’s how I feel about protein.
    I do lift heavy weights, and I consume around 140 grams a day. However…
    If you are just dieting in general, protein can be super beneficial. It is a lot more filling than carbs and is therefor harder to over eat it.
    If you are eating awesome yummy quality protein sources in place of processed carbohydrate food sources, it has overall less calories, and that in turn will help lower your overall consumption of food in general. I don’t think protein can just hang out in your body and make you fat, but excess calories will. So if you up your protein, you have to down another macro – most likely carbs – so that your calories balance out.
    I’m by no means a nutritionist, but unless you have a kidney disease, I don’t see how adding more protein to your diet could hurt you in any way. I think if you feel like trying to up it, you should go for it!


    • skinnyshae


      That’s a lot of protein! I know I don’t get that much!

      My favorite forms of protein are in bean form which can be good and bad depending on what food philosophy you follow. I like beef, but chicken and fish are my go-to protein ingredients. And turkey! And yogurt (Greek only)! And nuts. Wow… that’s a lot of protein sources.

      Thanks for the info!


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