Review: Victoria’s Secret No-Show Thong Underwear

Note: Today is the first day I will review a pair of underwear without feeling shameful.

I wear VSX-Victoria’s Secret Sport yoga pants to yoga, and I wear Women’s Active Compression Shorts by Old Navy when I run.

Both yoga pants and compression shorts are fitted, which is good because excess clothing, such as with basketball shorts, gets in my way when I work out. However, fitted pants and shorts do not go well with most types of underwear.

I have been searching for a pair of underwear I can comfortably wear with my yoga pants and compression shorts. A pair that doesn’t bunch up or slide around when I’m stretching or running. A pair that is not super expensive.

Enter Victoria’s Secret No-Show Thong Underwear.

I purchased four pairs of the no-show thong underwear at Victoria’s Secret in Kansas City. We have a Victoria’s Secret in Wichita, but when you’re spending the weekend in the Plaza, you are more inclined to spend money on frivolous things.

Like underwear.

Turns out these underwear were not frivolous!

During Power Yoga and when I run and walk, I feel like I am not wearing underwear! The underwear doesn’t bunch up, and it doesn’t move around under by yoga pants and compression shorts.

I can work out in them comfortably!

If I were to recommend the perfect pair of underwear for working out, I would recommend these.

Get your Panty Raid on girls!