The perfect running partner

…is not my dog.

Power Yoga was canceled this morning for a fitness expo so, to get in my daily fitness, I took my dog for a run/walk to the park.

German Shepherd Dog

We walked the four or five blocks to the park. I wanted to start with walking to test my allergies. I didn’t do too badly! Breathed fine, nose was a little stuffy and sneezy, but I wasn’t nearly as bad off as I was the first time running outside.

I waited in the field next to the park for my dog to “get busy.” “Get busy” is his order to go potty. He begrudgingly did so, and then we took off.

We sprinted through the park, up and down the slopes and across the sidewalks.

My dog does not stay with me when he runs. He wants to run ahead of me because he thinks he’s faster than I am.

So we had to have a race…

…he won.


I was pooped! We jogged back home and sprinted the final block so he could get good and worn out.

My precious dog is the reason I can never live in a carpeted house. His drool drops covered my kitchen and hall floors. I had to lay a towel down.

Do you run with your dog? Is he/she faster than you, too?

6 thoughts on “The perfect running partner

  1. healthyfrenchie

    My dog is the best running buddy. He runs ahead but always come back to check on me.. Or he stays behind to sniff out stuff and runs back at full speed. He’s so funny though, it make time go faster


  2. gogirl2012

    My dog puts me to shame! She is at a fast walk when I’m doing a 5k pace. When I first adopted her from the shelter I thought i would take it easy on her not knowing her capabilities and boy did she show me that she could
    Outlast me any day. Best running buddy ever… She never complains and always happy to go rain or shine.


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