New fitness goal: Eight limb pose

I woke up this morning with seriously sore shoulders.

The 400 or so chaturanga poses and the attempt at wheel during Power Yoga on Wednesday probably destroyed some of my connective tissues.

Jill, the yoga instructor, greets our class (if she sees new people) by saying: “Hi. I’m Jill. Welcome to Power,” which I interpret as: “Hi. I’m Jill. You will hate me in the morning.”

…and I disliked her a bit when I crawled out of bed this morning.

Ugh. Sore.

On Wednesday, I almost got my body into astavakrasana, or eight limb pose.


I collapsed into my shoulder and face planted. Sigh. As per usual…

My newest fitness goal is to accomplish eight limb pose! Any other arm poses that I happen to accomplish along the way are bonus. Eight limb pose is my goal.

A YMCA yoga instructor is going to start teaching an ashtanga yoga practice. I’m both terrified and excited.

I was really flexible on Wednesday. I got about six inches off the floor in (not the real) frog pose and got into half turtle pose. (I call it half turtle because I was half way into turtle pose. I may not be correct with that terminology…)

My hips were really open! I felt physically strong and mentally fantastic after Wednesday’s practice.

Yoga is so good for my soul :)

Things that are also good for my soul…

Bocconcini Wichita KS Review

Bocconcini’s Pear Ravioli. zomg. EAT. THIS.

What are your fitness goals?

Can you get into eight limb?

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