Homemade pizza FAIL

I tried to make pizza.

I tried to make Sweet Pepper, Corn and Turkey (Chicken) pizza. Notice how my pizza does not look like the pizza in the picture.

I failed pizza, you guys. I failed pizza hard.


The preparation of the dough was fine. The raw dough was fine. I’m really good at dough, but something always goes wrong with baking the dough…

The sauce was not homemade, which did not help, but it wasn’t the only or the biggest problem. Maybe I used to many peppers, too much onion, too much corn?

Probably too much cheese…


Jimmy John’s saved the day.

Jimmy John’s and Shock Top.

The pizza is still sitting on my counter. I don’t have the heart to throw it away yet, but I can’t eat it.

It’s just awful.

On a lighter note…

I went to a conference on Thursday and had to eat lunch at a *gasp* restaurant! I almost never leave the office for lunch unless someone invites me to go out with them.

Almost never.

But I was halfway across town and only had an hour for lunch. I asked Twitter, “Waterfront lunch: Where should I go?”

One of my Twitter friends* recommended Ciao!, an Italian restaurant, and I do love Italian… food.

*I refuse to use the word “tweeps.”

So… the BEST Tomato Florentine soup I have ever had, but the pasta was so-so. Alfredo was never my favorite.

Ciao in Wichita Kansas

Ciao in Wichita Kansas

Last thought of the day…

Dogs are better than kids

Who needs kids?

5 thoughts on “Homemade pizza FAIL

  1. Carly

    You might be right, it looks like it might be just a case of too much stuff on top. If there’s too much, it can affect the whole structure. Was it sort of doughy? I have been making kind of a lot of pizza lately (and blogged about it a week or so ago) and I feel like restraint is key – I don’t know how some pizzerias load so much stuff on theirs!


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