Weekly workouts and trail running

I map out my workouts at the beginning of the week.

Some weeks I follow the schedules, some weeks I fail to follow any schedule. But I do try to get a workout in on every scheduled workout day, even if it’s a crappy lunch workout.

Here is a snippet of my week:

  • Monday – Muscle Pump or strength training
  • Tuesday – Cardio (or Muscle Pump again if I’m lazy)
  • Wednesday – Power Yoga
  • Thursday – ???
  • Friday – Lunch workout
  • Saturday – Power Yoga
  • Sunday – Laundry

Laundry is totally a workout. Lots of bending and lifting. Wet clothes are heavy. Carrying laundry baskets up and down stairs at two houses is tiring.

It’s a workout.

Plus, I usually spend Sundays cleaning everything in my house. Also a workout.

I rarely work out on Fridays. Rarely. After a long week at work, Fridays are for grabbing a drink and dinner with my husband or some friends and relaxing.

Thursdays used to be class nights so I had zero time for a workout before class. I have to find a workout for Thursdays.

Trail running, anyone?

The problem I have with running (and it is my only problem with running) is that I get bored so easily.

Running on sidewalks and streets in my neighborhood is boring. (I have no intention of venturing far from my neighborhood.) Running in the park is dull, and I have to share the space with other runners and people with strollers. No blame, but I do not want to smile at you. Running on the track is super boring. In Shocker Fitness, the track was awesome because I was with a group and was not leading my own workout. Alone? Not so much.

Do not even get me started on running on a treadmill. I love it because it’s air conditioned, but I hate it because it’s boring.

Trail running is not boring.

Trail running puts rocks, logs and trees in a runner’s path. Natural slopes and slow spots also trick up a treadmill runner’s stride (i.e. my stride).

The environment adds to the excitement. Running in pretty neighborhoods and manicured parks does not bring out the animal that trail running does.

I hope these trail running workouts will turn me into an animal and a better runner.

Do you run trails? Where do you enjoy running most?