Moves to increase metabolism

The body burns calories by breaking down cells for energy. Increasing the rate at which the body breaks down cells burns calories faster, which leads to weight loss.

Weight loss is the goal. My goal is five pounds.

Genetics and gender determine metabolic rate. However, we can fight genetics to increase our metabolism and lose fat faster.

What woman doesn’t want to defy her genetics?

…Heidi Klum.

She pretty much hit the jackpot. Congrats, lady. You look fab.

Increasing metabolic rate is easy… ‘er said than done. Har har. You have to eat the right food and workout the right way.

We have talked about food. You know! Green, whole, fresh? Nix anything processed or with added salt and refined sugar.

EAT BREAKFAST. Do it. No arguments. Beginning the day with fuel is the only way to get the engine going.

The engine is you. So eat something.

But how do we workout the right way? Is running and yoga not enough?!

Well, to my dismay, Insanity by Beachbody (my nemesis) had it right: Interval Training.

However, Insanity turned interval training upside down and made my life terrible so I will not be going back to that.

Oh, no. There was crying and shame and unhappiness. It was ugly.

I will, however, use the same bursts of speed and energy at the end of a non-Insanity workout to increase my heart rate to increase my metabolic rate to increase my weight loss!


Women’s Health Magazine featured five interval sessions:

I will try the Lateral Speed Steps. I promise to try, but I will fall because I am not coordinated enough to do it.

The Shuttle Space runs excite me! I really enjoy sprinting. Where can I find cones or an available football field?

But I do not enjoy running for long periods of time. Distance running is fine, but I tire quickly and bore easily.

Treadmill + Shae = not friends.

I have zero endurance, too, which doesn’t help.

Interval sprinting is a workout saver. I can even sprint on my back! Ha!

What are your interval workouts?