Fresh or frozen: Fruits and vegetables

I prefer eating fresh fruits and vegetables.

Strawberries taste better fresh. All berries taste better fresh. Asparagus and green beans cook better fresh.

My everyday fruits -apples and bananas -don’t freeze well.

I might prefer eating fresh, but, sometimes, frozen is better. Peas, corn, chopped broccoli and mixed veggies are so much easier to cook. Frozen berries are also much easier to turn into flavored mustard or barbecue sauces.

So much easier.

Frozen fruits and vegetables are also much cheaper. In a bag, I can get eight ounces of frozen broccoli for $1. I have to pay at least $2 for eight ounces of fresh broccoli… that I’m not so good at cooking.

Both fresh and frozen fruits and vegetables have pros and cons, but which are better?

Amy Keyishian for votes buying frozen berries over freezing berries, but the verdict for taste and freshness always goes to fresh from the farm or shelf. I agree. Fresh, fresh, fresh!

Of course, if you grow your own, you might end up with a surplus of fruits and veggies you won’t be able to finish before rotting. (I dream about this dilemma.) What do you do when your garden overproduces?

Freeze, can or store! Freezing fruits and vegetables at home is not an easy adventure, according to Keyishian, but it is not impossible.

First, fruits and vegetables must be prepared. Chopping broccoli and onion, slicing strawberries, peeling potatoes, etc.

Second, most vegetables, such as broccoli and Brussels sprouts need to be blanched before spending any time in the freezer.

Third, unlike bananas, which come in their own wrapper, most fruits and vegetables will freeze in clumps. You have to lay them out on a cookie sheet and freeze flat.

Note: Only freeze a banana if you’re making banana bread or a smoothie. Frozen bananas don’t taste that great thawed.

After the produce is frozen, you can store it in a bag so it takes up less space. When you’re ready to eat, the microwave and a steam bag are your best friend. provides quick guides for freezing and storing 16 fruits and vegetables.

What do you do with your surplus veggies? Farmer’s market or freeze for later?

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