Meat-free eating

I have carnivorous tendencies.

Fish, I love.

Burgers? zomg. yum.

And duck… Don’t even get me started.

When husband makes steak, I melt with happiness and joy. He makes a really great bleu cheese sauce with cognac and peppercorns.

It. Is. Amazing.

But I want to eat less meat.

Not because I think eating meat is bad, but if I eat less meat, I will certainly eat MORE vegetables and fruits and yogurt. (I don’t need to eat more yogurt. I want to eat more yogurt. Current Favorite: Voskos Greek Yogurt with Wild Blueberries!)

I have also had some really fantastic vegetarian meals.

For example, when I had more than one bad experience with meat-full meals at one of my favorite old restaurants, I switched to the vegetarian menu.

The black bean tacos tasted better than the beef tacos. The sweet potato burger tasted better than the entire menu of patties. The vegetable sides tasted better than the fries and fried foods.

I was in veggie heaven! (And I rarely consider any where with eggplant heaven.)

Several blogs I read focus on vegetarian or vegan menus, even if the bloggers occasionally eat meat. Those bloggers look great and proclaim how great they feel! I want that!

Luckily, I already have most vegetarian staples in my pantry.

Healthy Oils: Canola for baking and extra-virgin olive oil for cooking (and salad and bread and hummus).

Nuts and Seeds: I know peanuts are not nuts. As soon as we are through our jar of peanut butter, I want to switch to sunflower butter. However, husband and I eat a bunch of nuts and seeds. (Organic cereal = SO MANY SEEDS.)

Eggs and Dairy: Husband and I eat eggs and love them equally. I am lactose intolerant and tend to avoid dairy (except fat free Greek yogurt), but Husband drinks full fat, full flavor chocolate milk after his jiu-jitsu workouts for recovery. It doesn’t do him a bit of harm ;)

Legumes: I can still eat peanuts! (Just want to avoid the butter.) Beans are probably my favorite legume. Black beans, pinto beans, dark red kidney beans… mix with corn and tomatoes with a little lime and cilantro, and you’ve just made my favorite summer snack!

Whole Grains: Except for whole grain bread and cereal as well as oats, my pantry is filled with regular noodles and regular rice. I need to work on that…

Fruits and Vegetables: Of course! I eat a banana almost every morning and an apple almost every day. I usually put vegetables in dinner or make a veggie with dinner as a side. (I have the best day, though, if I get my mid-morning apple snack.)

Those staples provide the nutrients needed when eating a meat-free diet, such as calcium, iron and iodine.

I have a ton of vegetarian recipes to try, but I’m pretty sure Moo Shu Vegetables is on the top of the list. I love the chicken version ;)

I’m not actually sure if an eggplant is a vegetable. I’ve heard it be called a berry and a type of squash. The CDC called it a vegetable. Who knows?!

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