Powerful poses

During my fitness hiatus, I missed Power Yoga the most.

Morning yoga practices wake me up. Evening yoga practices are the perfect energizer.

(I will miss Power Yoga on Saturday for a friend’s bachelorette party! Bad, Shae! Good, friend!)

I absolutely love yoga. Sun Salutations, moving through Warrior and suffering in Chair and Boat poses are some of my favorite activities.

I really torture myself.

I love the feeling of moving with my breath, letting my core lift and pull my body into poses and attempting to perform arm balances.

Arm Balances I Have Mastered: Crow

Arm Balances I Suck At: All the other ones.

I have successfully pulled off Eight Limb and Firefly poses once each. I cannot perform Crane or Side Crow to save my life.

Last week, our yoga instructor taught us to make proper connections in arm balances by performing the poses while lying on our backs! She’s so awesome.

The key to arm balances is to make a strong, solid connection between limbs. For example, in Crow, the inside of the knees must connect to the outside of the biceps. When you perform Crow on your back, it is easier to make that connection.

Plus, it’s a killer core workout.

I also perform arm balances with my feet on the floor. For example, in Side Crow, I bend my body over my bent leg, which rests on my biceps, but I never lift my foot off the floor. All of the weight is in my arms and shoulders, but my foots keeps me balanced.

Same exercise, less intense.

That’s one of our yoga instructor’s mottos. She says it all the time, and I love her for it.

Strengthening and stretching occur without balance in arm balance poses. My biceps are pretty awesome, and I have a tiny little tricep peeking out of the back of my arm! Yay! (Reverse Chaturanga and Chaturanga might also have something to do with that…)

We also did inversions. It was a small class so there was plenty of wall space.

Inversions are perfect for waking up. Unfortunately, my shoulders were too tight for Scorpion so I missed out on a back bend. I did do a hand stand for a while, but the instructor had to help me kick up.

I was afraid of eating the floor.

(If you can put your feet on your head in Scorpion pose, I think it’s called Scorpion Tiger.)

The more yoga I do, the better I feel (and the slimmer I’ll get!) so I plan on making it a regular practice, instead of a two-days-a-week activity.