Farmer’s market fresh

On May 5, the farmer’s market in Wichita, Kan., opened for business.

The Old Town Farmer’s Market, located at 1st and Mosley, supports local farms, ranches, dairies and nurseries within 150 miles of Wichita.

Clare Leschin-Hoar for provided some tips for navigating the farmer’s market:

  • Bring cash
  • Bring bags (and bags and bags and…)
  • Bring stiff containers to protect berries and other squishable finds
  • Be friends with the farmers and other vendors
  • Shop on rainy days
The majority of products at a farmer’s market will be wonderful colorful fruits and vegetables as well as eggs, homemade honey and jams. The farmer’s market, however, is a vegetarian paradise.

My husband and I are omnivores. We eat beef, pork and chicken, and we eat fish like grizzlies.

Not even a joke.

We do love our fruits and veggies, too, but my husband has a sweet tooth for a certain spring vegetable.


Rhubarb looks like pink celery, and I hear it tastes great in pie. It’s perfectly tart next to a sweet strawberry. The red-pink color is a sign of an antioxidant boost. A 26-calorie cup of fresh rhubarb has vitamin C, potassium and vitamin K.

Husband might be obsessed with rhubarb because of the amazing way it tastes in strawberry pie, but I think he might enjoy a mix of savory, sweet and tart: Duck and Strawberry Salad with Dressing.

I know I would.

The Old Town Farmer’s Market is open Saturdays from 7 a.m. to noon until October 13. For me, that a quick stop after yoga, and maybe I’ll hit some late-in-the-day deals!

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