Summer Series: Glowing skin

My skin glows!

…like the white moon.

…like a neon sign in a crappy bar.

…like the pale, pasty little person that I am.

I love the sunshine. I hate UV rays.

When sunlight touches my skin, I do not tan. I do not obtain any glorious golden glow. Oh, no. I’m a lobster.

I do not need a golden tan to enjoy my summer skin. However, I do want a flawless complexion so my paleness isn’t as noticeable.

Women’s Health Magazine sites luminosity, small pores, even tone, smoothness and suppleness as qualities of healthy, glowing skin.

If I have smooth, supple skin, I’m sure to feel confident showing off my legs and arms free of color. I might add some shimmer to ward off the neon glow.

And, lucky me, I found the perfect foundation! FITMe by Maybelline. Unlike Maybelline’s Dream Foam Mousse junk, FITMe covers my skin completely and flawlessly.

(And, of course, my foundation is in the palest, lightest shade available. Oh, to be tan!)