Summer Series: Horse calves or lean legs

Summer time calls for short shorts and airy skirts.

I assume most women want long, lean legs. If I were taller, I’m sure I would also want long, lean legs, but my legs will never be long. I have come to accept this eternal fact.

Stinkin’ shortness… (Maybe I haven’t completely accepted by genetically determined height.)

Because I am so short and will never have long legs, I want my horse calves and my big quads back so I can power through the greatest exercise in fitness.

The squat.

Why is the squat the greatest exercise in the world?

Squats are the single best exercise to strengthen calves, quads, hamstrings and glutes, but the benefits of performing the squat do not stop at your legs.

Squats move the body the way the body is supposed to move, and they protect the body from potential injury caused by sitting around at work and home and school.

I love squats… I hate lunges and refuse to do them… but I love, love, love squats! And I will perform squat after squat to build my horse calves and big quads.

I’ll show them off, too, in my short shorts and airy skirts.


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