Summer Series: Garden fresh salads

No one eats heavy meaty saucy carby food in the summer time.

It’s too darn hot and no one wants to feel that uncomfortable.

Russet and red potatoes are not often consumed in our home, but even less often in the summer time. Thick beef stews are also off the menu as well as heavy sauced dishes.

Oh, pasta! I will miss you. (Husband hates pasta so he’s OK. Whatev. Pasta rocks.)

Refreshing watermelon and cantaloupe, fresh berries and crunchy salads with whole cherry tomatoes are the perfect ingredients for summer meals.

And. I. Cannot. Wait.

When I was a little lass, my grandparents’ kitchen was filled with cut cantaloupe and honeydew, whole watermelons, grapes and cherries and chicken salads like you wouldn’t believe. Not only do I get to swim in summer, but I also get to stuff my face with summer!


Mediterranean menus remind me of summer. Fish, citrus, red wine… perfect!

According to EatingWell, making eight simple changes to how I cook, can make my dishes more Mediterranean.

Of course, I’ll have to use the proper cooking techniques and spices…

Eight Ways to Eat like a Mediterranean

  • Less butter and margarine, more olive, canola and walnut oil
  • Less red meat, more fish and chicken (Especially more fish.)
  • Eat veggies. All. Day. Long.
  • Eat whole grain bread, PASTA, rice and other grains
  • Forget snack food. Eat nuts, seeds and low-fat dairy (like Greek yogurt)
  • Dessert is fruit
  • Drink in moderation, but go ahead…

And the final change I need to make is to set aside enough time to savor every bite.

Summer time is time to slow down, relax and enjoy so eat slow and try this Mediterranean Salmon and Noodle Bowl.