Summer Series: Arm workouts

I am less than two weeks away from spending my Saturdays and Sundays enjoying the sunshine by my grandparents’ pool.

Less than two weeks away from taking afternoon walks.

Less than two weeks away from not worrying about school so I have time to enjoy sunshine and take afternoon walks.

And to show of my sexy summer arms!

Sexy summer arms take work! And, if I want to wear my go-to summer outfit –jeans, a ribbed tank and flip-flops –then I need to start building my biceps and toning my triceps.

Get your arms and shoulders ready for baring them to the summer sun –don’t forget the sunscreen –with these weight-bearing arm workouts.

An added benefit to building upper body strength is becoming a better runner. Runners with strong arms and shoulders better maintain speed through their races.

I want to run in the Prairie Fire 5K in October. I might consider running the half if I’m ready… and if have enough confidence to complete the 13.1-mile race.

My legs are stronger than my arms, and I need to work my arms harder, but I’m not completely weak.

Poker at my house plays for push-ups. I lost 15 last weekend and pumped out my push-ups like a big girl.

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