Fifteen worst foods at the supermarket

Rodale News, where health meets life, reported the 15 most pointless foods in the supermarket.

I am the grocery shopper at our household. Husband does not follow the list when grocery shopping and does not want to use coupons as devotedly as I do, which means I do all the grocery shopping unless I send him to the store for Taco Seasoning or something I forgot.

It’s a good system. I CONTROL ALL THE FOOD.

Since I make weekly grocery trips, I have seen some of the interesting food items lining the store shelves.

The pointless foods on the list were both obvious and shocking.

Mio Water Enhancer

Making your water flavorful and colorful (and, now, energy-full) ruins the pure goodness of water. Instead of adding artificial sweeteners and dyes, put a load of frozen berries or slices of citrus fruits in your water if you want to spice it up.

Smuckers Uncrustables

I will not speak to this. Do not eat this. Get your whole wheat bread, peanut butter and sweet sugary jam. Make a sandwich. Cut the crusts off.


Bagel-fuls take bagel-like bread and stuff it with artificial fruit and Philadelphia cream cheese, which is the only ingredients I would eat on purpose.

Splenda Essentials with Antioxidants

I think the article is saying, “Eat the bloody antioxidants in the food they actually come in.” You will have berries or you will have nothing.

Yoplait Low-Fat Yogurt

Poor, poor Husband. I prefer non-fat organic Greek yogurt, but Husband is a Yoplait yogurt eating fiend.

Lucky Charms

How is this even on the list? Isn’t it a no-brainer?

Special K Cereal Bars

Insert any cereal bar here. Gross me out. Cereal bars don’t even taste good.

VitaMuffins Muffin Tops

I was unaware that this food item existed. It is just the top of a muffin. I like all of a muffin. Getting ripped off, if you ask me.

WhoNu? Nutrition Rich Cookies

Well, I have to say, I almost bought these on a craving-cookies day, and I had a coupon. I couldn’t find them in the store that day, but when I did find them, I found them in the natural food section. WhoNu? cookies have refined flour…

Chocolate Milk with Omega-3’s

It’s enriched sugary milk. Just eat some fish.

Bottled Water

‘Nuf said.

Fruitless Fruit Juice

Fruit juice is full of sugar, artificial sugar and fake colors and flavors. You could just eat fruit. An apple a day…

Neuro Sun

What even is this stuff? Vitamin D…

Single Serve Coffee Pods

The idea of a single serve coffee pod is pointless. I need multiple servings of coffee. Wasteful.

PediaSure Shakes

As a source of over nutrition, the shake is as bad as it is good. I will force feed my children fish and asparagus and Brussels sprouts… and buy them milkshakes, which are totes better that nutrition shakes.

A list of food items that might not even be considered real food. Discontinue the eating of these foods and replace them with real food. (Yoplait yogurt will likely be a staple in my household for the rest of my Husband’s life so I can’t really say much…)

Do you have pointless foods to add to the list?

9 thoughts on “Fifteen worst foods at the supermarket

  1. tuesday2

    Pointless food? :D I like to eat Special K Chocolate cereal, (def not as healthy as I would hope), it’s pointless for me to buy it… I usually pick out all the chocolate specks and let the dog finish the bowl of flakes and soy milk.


    • skinnyshae

      Ha! That’s the best! I tend to pick out the bits of nuts and fruit and force the rest down. Tastes a bit cardboard-esque.

      Of course, I put chocolate and caramel sauce on my vanilla Greek yogurt. ICE CREAM-esque.


  2. martha84

    Great list! Pre packaged processed “convenience” health food is such a joke.
    But in defense of single serving coffee pods – try the “dark magic” roast. One of those little suckers does what 5 cups of typical coffee does for me. And it’s just plain yummy. :)


    • skinnyshae

      That’s my attempted philosophy. I don’t need processed crackers with cheese smushed between them. I certainly don’t need cereal bars… Blegh! Real food is real good food.


  3. Sean C. Amore

    I had a nutritionist who once argued that drinking ANY fruit juice was just stupid. You are getting the sugar content (and by extension calories) of 15 – 20 oranges (if memory serves me correctly) in a glass of orange juice while just ONE orange has enough vitamin benefits that many argue their OJ brings/gives them. Also – Ava will FIGHT you over muffin-tops. She LOVES those things and will NOT eat a real muffin (VitaMuffin or otherwise) so we have to make allowances. In general, good list.


    • skinnyshae

      My real weaknesses are lemonade and apple juice. LOVE apple juice. Otherwise, I could do without fruit juices. I don’t need them in my cocktails anymore either! Soda water for me!

      Muffins are freakin’ amazing, but I like them straight out of the oven and filled with blueberries or poppyseeds or bananas and walnuts… The list goes on. I’ll make Ava some healthy muffins tops sometime and hope she doesn’t know the difference!


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