Fitbit: A dashboard for life

Lindsay at The Lean Green Bean, one of my favorite blogs, posted an introduction to Fitbit last week (Friday, April 13).

After a bit of research, I have decided that I want a Fitbit (Ultra).

Source: via Yonatan on Pinterest


A Fitbit is a small health-tracking device that can be worn on a shirt or on the waistband of your pants. The Fitbit tracks your health and fitness by tracking how many steps (miles, flights of stairs) you’ve taken as well as how many calories you’ve burned. At night, the Fitbit is worn around the wrist in a wristband to track your sleep cycle.

Much like an iPhone, the Fitbit connects with your computer through a dock. Whenever the Fitbit is within 15 feet of the connected dock, it will sync with the computer.

The Fitbit dashboard is where the tool gets really cool. You can log your fitness, your food and your weight on the dashboard, and the Fitbit automatically logs your steps, stairs, calories, etc. when it syncs.

I am amazed with the Fitbit’s ability to track sleep cycles so well that it knows exactly how much sleep a person gets at night and how many times he or she was awakened.

I. Want. This. Thing.

Unfortunately, the Fitbit is not cheap. For $99.95, I can have all of the awesome benefits of knowing how many steps I’ve taken and how many calories I’ve burned. Of course, the Fitbit is much cheaper than a Garmin

Do you use tools like the Fitbit? What do you recommend as a good tracking tool?

4 thoughts on “Fitbit: A dashboard for life

    • skinnyshae

      I really, really, really want one, but I’m so cheap! I’d never spend money like that on a fitness doo-hicky. Of course, if Husband wanted to get it for me for Christmas…


  1. Corrie Anne

    I have a BodyBugg! It was a Christmas gift. Which I don’t use any more. Lol. Maybe I’ll dig it out again. I always just used to try and figure out the eating balance when I’m running tons. I have a tendency to overdo or undero!! They’re so fun to play with. :)


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