Smartphone food apps help grocery shoppers

How do you know if your favorite food brands are good or bad for you? Do you read the labels? Do you listen to advertising claims?

According to Lesley Kennedy, blogger for, new smartphone food apps can help shoppers determine the food truth about the brands so they can make smarter decisions at the store.

Smartphone food apps, such as Fooducate and MyFoodWatch, evaluate brands, and then assign them a grade: A, B, C, D and F. For example, Peanut Butter Multi-grain Cheerios earned a C+. One of my favorite yogurt brands, Chobani (strawberry), gets an A-. I’m OK with an A-, I won’t ground my children for it!

Just like in school!

Another great meal-planning and grocery shopping resource is siansplan (Sian like Sean or Shawn), an online meal and grocery resource. The purpose of the website is to help people plan recipes and shopping trips and prepare meals for a busy lifestyle.

It’s an organization tool. I am immediately in love.

My friend Dana blogged about creator Sian Breslin and the website for Diets In Review. The article on DIR features a how-to video for using siansplan, which I used to set up my own free account.

For my next grocery trip, I will use my recipe tool to plan my meals and prepare my grocery list, and then I’ll use Fooducate to determine the best brand for the job! (Of course, price my overtake grade when it comes to my budget.)

I’ll report back to you and review my experience with these tools.

What grocery shopping and meal-planning tools do you use? What techniques?

UPDATE: I fixed my links!

3 thoughts on “Smartphone food apps help grocery shoppers

  1. siansplan

    Hi Shae,

    Just stumbled upon your blog post. Really glad that you like our idea ( and hope that you enjoy using it! We are early stages still but working hard to improve every day. We’ve got big ideas, and believe that we can really make a fantastic product. If you have any tips for us, we’d love to hear your thoughts.

    Thanks for the mention!



    • skinnyshae

      Thanks! I haven’t had a chance to use the site really, but I’m getting my recipes ready! I’ll let you know if I have any questions, but the site looks so great as is now!


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