Make time for your workout

Since I returned to fitness after my fitness hiatus, I have struggled to find time for my workout.

I am not a morning person. I wake up an hour before I have to be at work, which leaves just enough time to make myself presentable.

I have no intention of waking up earlier than necessary to get in a morning workout.

A lunch workout is out of the question, too. I do not have enough time to get to the gym, get a workout in, get cleaned up and back to work.

Let alone have lunch, too.

After work is when I have time to go to the gym. Of course, after work, I am exhausted. I never knew working a full-time job plus school would be so tiring! I thought I had the worst of it when I worked funny schedules when I was an undergrad at WSU.

Apparently not.

I want to make time for my workout. The YMCA is helpful because of group classes, such as Muscle Pump and Power Yoga, but I cannot always make it to the gym. For example, mother nature has been acting like a giant crab for the last few weeks and twice I attempted to go the gym when it was hailing. The only time I made it all the way to the gym I couldn’t get out of my car for fear of dying by ice balls.


I have several at home workouts I can do including DVDs and on Netflix. When I am home, though, I do not want to work out. I want to clean my house and organize and decorate and play with my dog and clean my garden.

Which is pretty much what I’ve been doing: dog walking, playing fetch, cleaning my house and sweeping the rain-fallen leaves from my sidewalks and driveway.

Not much of a calorie-burn.

I need to figure out how to find and make time to work out when I know I won’t make it to the gym.

Use these four tips to squeeze in a workout:

  1. Keep track of your time for two days. Use a calendar or schedule with half-hour markers and journal what you do throughout the day. You might just find you have more downtime than you thought.
  2. This one is for me: Don’t be a perfectionist. The house will be messy. Just do the workout.
  3. Quit multitasking. Mastering three tasks at once takes three times as much energy as getting one thing done. Like a workout.
  4. Work out whenever you have a spare minute. Do not worry about taking a full hour out of your day. Do squats while you’re doing laundry. Do butt kicks while you’re getting dinner ready (not when your using knives, though).

I park far away from the entrance of the grocery store. I take the stairs (when I’m wearing flats). I take the dog for walks and play fetch with him.

That’s filling my spare pockets of time with fitness.

What do you do to get as much fitness in as possible?

The Sugar-Free Challenge begins today! Can you last 28 days without eating sugar?

2 thoughts on “Make time for your workout

  1. healthyfrenchie

    I consider walking the dog for a long time a mini-workout haha You can also try doing short but super intense workout (Tabata style). And squeezing in squats or push ups during the day..
    Good luck!


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