Your bra questions answered

I hate shopping for bras.

I hate it.

Not only is it near impossible for me to find a style I like, it is also near impossible for me to find my size in a style I like.

When I finally do find a bra that fits and looks sorta normal, it usually only lasts six months before the underwire starts to poke me in my armpit or the hooks break off the band.

Can. Not. Win.

I found Women’s Health Magazine’s Guide to Your Breasts and one section featured a question and answer session with the owner of New York City lingerie shop La Petite Coquette and the author of The Lingerie Handbook Rebecca Aspan.

I chose to feature a few of the questions I had that were answered by Aspan.

Q: What style is right for me: demi-cup, full cup, padded or not?

“Those with a larger bust size should try a full cup without any padding for maximum coverage and great support for everyday situations,” says Apsan. And for the less-endowed ladies, “a padded or contour shaped bra will give you a little extra shape and lift.”

For the best results, however, I agree with Aspan about testing as many styles as possible in order to find the best fit. (I grab almost every bra style at Victoria’s Secret and drag them all back to the dressing room before I buy. TMI? Sorry.)

Q: How often should I replace my bras, since they usually only last six months?

Aspan said that bra replacement could vary between six months to two years. Two years? Seriously?! Errgh.

It all depends on how often you wear it and how much your body fluctuates, which can cause the bra to stretch out. And though it may be hard to part with the old favorite, Apsan says, “Once they stop doing what they were intended to do, it’s time to say good-bye.”

I do not agree that any bra I own will ever be considered an “old favorite.”

Ladies, what about you? Were your bra questions answered? What other questions do you have?