The Belly Melt Diet

Women’s Health Magazine featured The Belly Melt Diet in a recent newsletter I received.

After perusing the weight loss secrets of The Belly Melt Diet, learning just enough before I would have to pay for more information or sign up for their program, I find myself raising an eye brow to its claims.

The Belly Melt Diet introduced its product as:

In a nutshell: Your appetite and metabolism are slaves to your body’s natural hormonal cycles, which rise and fall every day. Unless you control these cycles, you will never be able to lose weight and KEEP it off.

Well, I feel fairly terrified… I will never be able to lose weight and keep it off without knowing The Belly Melt Diet’s secrets.


The real reasons I raise my eyebrow to The Belly Melt Diet are their headlines:

“Lose up to 8 pounds in 72 hours!”

“Lose up to 19 pounds in only 35 days!”

“How to switch off your sugar cravings!”

“How to shut OFF your hunger craving by snacking!”

“…you can actually feast away excess belly fat…”

Really? Really?!

Has anyone tried The Belly Melt Diet? What do you think? Should I shut up or am I right to raise an eyebrow to a diet that claims I can sleep and eat my fat away?

4 thoughts on “The Belly Melt Diet

  1. running 4 mamas comeback

    I totally agree with you! I can see where some foods can cause bloating and I recently learned that when we don’t drink enough water our bodies retain any water it gets (from food or any source) as a form of protection. That of course can cause that tummy bloat. There is no quick fix. Any “diet” that promotes quick weight loss with little or no work is 1- not good for you since rapid loss of weight is never a good idea. 2- just isn’t legit! Sure I can starve myself but as soon as I eat again that weight comes back! When are we going to realize that it takes work in the form of sweat and discipline to loose the weight! I have had 4 kids, the women in my family are all obese and it would have been so easy to just blame everything else for my previous weight (not obsese but on the higher end) and take a diet pill. Instead I worked my arse off and watch what I eat. It’s not easy, it is FRICKEN’ hard but it can be done! Thanks for the post and maybe even reading my little rant (I have a soapbox for that!).


    • skinnyshae

      Diet pills don’t work anyway. Stop taking them? Gain all the weight back. I’ve seen several friends ride that nasty roller coaster :(

      It is hard, and I struggle with it daily, but it’s my mission to be fit and healthy so I plan to work hard!


  2. healthyfrenchie

    I agree with the raised eyebrow :)
    All these magazines and marketing people really play on people’s insecurities. There is no way you can accomplish all that in a few days with a healthy diet…
    There is no miracle diet/ product out there


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