Growing an herb and vegetable garden

I hate spending money on fresh herbs. I only ever need two or three sprigs of thyme or two or three handfuls of parsley, but grocery stores only sell in large bunches, which immediately go to waste.

Some of my girlfriends solved the problem by growing their own herbs on their apartment balconies or in their kitchens.




What a great DIY idea!

I love basil, and I would love to put fresh basil in every winter or spring soup I make. How wonderful would it be just to grab some from my own garden instead of going to the store to buy a huge bunch! I think I will start growing some basil over my sink or on my front porch, whichever I can get away with with Husband ;)

Jeanine Natale for Team Beachbody wrote an article about eight great herbs for healthy cooking and in what dishes to prepare them.

Parsley, cilantro, basil and mint are herbs I use in many of my recipes, such as basil-spiced soups and cilantro-covered salsas. My Italian Turkey Sandwich onion sauce uses fresh mint, or dried, for a subtle sweet-spicy flavor.

The article also featured chives, dill, fennel and oregano. Who doesn’t love fennel? Husband love fresh chives over his twice-baked potatoes (not that the potatoes are all that good for us…) and I love dill-crusted salmon fillets!

I told my grandmother about my porch garden idea, and she said, “Well, you better start me one, too!” Hopefully, I inherited my grandparents’ green thumbs. They’ve got the best garden north of Wichita.

Papa grows tomatoes and peppers every year, and I reap the benefits! I plan on growing celery, garlic and sweet potatoes from the scraps leftover after using them in addition to my own tomatoes and peppers.

Source: via Shae on Pinterest


There are so many opportunities for me to save money and spice up my culinary skills!

I am SO excited to start this garden!

How do you say “herb?”

You say “erb.” We say “herb” because there’s a $&$%#@& “H” in it. -Eddie Izzard, brilliant British comedian

3 thoughts on “Growing an herb and vegetable garden

  1. healthyfrenchie

    I was just thinking this morning that I should plant some herbs in my garden! We moved in February, and apparently under all of the snow there is a little plot in front of the house… I can’t wait to get started, nothing beats fresh mint or Basil….
    I’d love to see how your little garden grows


    • skinnyshae

      We have to use potting on the porch because our little plot is pretty gross.

      I’m so excited to start my basil. I’ll post more about it as soon as I can get my yard cleaned and furniture painted.

      So excited!


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