Deli meat: Packaged or fresh?

I do not often visit my supermarket’s deli counter.

One time I asked for lamb shoulder, and the butcher looked at me like I was nuts. Apparently, lamb was out of season?


I usually just shop the meat sections and grab the usual: ground beef, ground turkey, chicken, pork chops and veal (if it’s on sale). I only buy frozen fish: salmon and tilapia.

I did not, however, realize that the supermarket deli sold sliced meat for sandwiches. I avoid packaged sliced deli meat unless it’s on sale. Not just because I don’t want to pay full price, but also because I don’t actually like deli meat that much. It’s so salty.

But if I can get fresh sliced deli meat from a butcher?

Um. Yes.

According to, the only instance you should visit the deli counter is when you only need a few slices of a product.

And, really, packaged deli meats come in 8- and 16-ounce portions. Husband and I do not eat that many sandwiches.

The next time I decide to make Italian Turkey Sandwiches, I’ll get my sliced turkey (and pastrami for Husband) from the deli counter.