Athletic strength building exercises

Husband likes to lift weight with his workouts.

Of course, he doesn’t lift nearly as much as he used to. Jiu-Jitsu is his workout of choice, and, to compete, he has to maintain a certain weight. Muscle weighs too much to be building big ones! (The muscles he has are lean.)

I want lean muscles, and I’d like my quad and calf muscles to regain their horse-like size and appearance. I don’t care if that sounds weird. I used to have super legs.

Muscle building for athletic strength relies on just three moves –so says a bodybuilder blogger. (I tend to believe people who work out for a living. His name is Jeremy.)


Pull-ups work the body’s “pulling” muscles.

The bane of my existence in grade school was the President’s Fitness Test. Apparently, the president believed I, as a grade school child, should be able to perform a pull-up.

WT… No.

However, since I was a grade school girl, all I had to do was hang there. Apparently, the president did not know of my mad monkey bar skills or he would have had me do something harder.

In grade school, I just hung on a bar. Now, I use a chair to perform a pull-up, since I still cannot do one on my own.

Well done “Presidential Fitness Test.” I learned a lot. Well done.

Husband can do substantially more pull-ups than I can. Show off.


With push-ups, on the other hand, I am proficient. (I do not have to be on my knees anymore! Triumph!)

Push-ups work the body’s “pushing” muscles, which are quite different from the pulling ones, I’m sure.

I do push-ups every day at work during my lunch (and squats).


According to the blog, deadlifts work every muscle in the body, much like running, and are what Jeremy considers the best move for athletic strength building.

When I was in high school, I did a lot of deadlifts. I deadlifted the bar, and I honestly didn’t try too hard.

I believe it is about time to strengthen my upper body, especially since upper body strength is so important for running and running form.

4 thoughts on “Athletic strength building exercises

  1. tuesday2

    I am not athelete.
    I enjoy running and clearing my head via exercise, but I know for certain, I would still be that girl chosen last for the team!

    In high school I always barely passed gym class. I preferred keeping my hair in perfect style as opposed to changing my clothes and risking the fail of my Aqua Net.

    Not proud, just honest!


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