Wavy hair without the heat

Since I posted “Curly hair without the heat,” I have attempted to curl my hair using the headband method three times.

I even bought new, thicker, no-slide headbands to increase the opportunity of pretty curls!

After each attempt, I woke up to messy, ridiculous curls, not the loose, beautiful ringlets featured on Pinterest.

If it worked for you, I’m glad, but I have to find another way to curl my hair without the scalding heat of a curling iron.

Plan B: Gorgeous Soft Waves without the Heat by Pretty Gossip

Source: prettygossip.com via Shae on Pinterest

The hair featured by Pretty Gossip is much thicker and much longer than my hair, but I have got to do something.

Short of getting a perm, if this doesn’t work, I don’t know what I’ll do!

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