(Not much of a) cardio-yoga routine

I sure appreciate it when a women’s health magazine features a workout combining two types of exercise to fit my super busy schedule while, at the same time, questions my time management skills.

Makes me feel real good.

Women’s Health Magazine featured a workout combining cardio and yoga.

I appreciate and plan to try the moves, but ladies, next time use better intro text. OK?

The WHM routine claims to strengthen the body and mind through four moves that increase your heart rate and put you in your zen place. I question the zen-ness of these moves.

Now, we’re even.

Women's Health Magazine Yoga Routine

No Sun Salutations. No Downward Dog. Four moves, one of which looks like a breathing technique used to induce labor. (Guess.)

I doubt people are getting very zen from this routine. Move 1, perhaps, could induce feelings of zen in me if allowed to imagine that I am punching annoying people. And the routine instructs people to repeat the pattern four times without rest. In yoga, patterns are repeated in threes.

Shame. Shame. Shame.

(Note: It’s probably a good routine, but it’s not yoga.)

I do, however, like it when other bloggers tell me what to read. I have 60 new blogs to choose from!

2 thoughts on “(Not much of a) cardio-yoga routine

  1. martha84

    Women’s health needs to be taken with a grain of salt. And maybe read only after a margarita bender… It is a great source of humor for the most part. Some stuff is decent, but most stuff contradicts itself on a monthly basis. I dunno – I have a subscription to it, so I guess I shouldn’t talk. :)


    • skinnyshae

      I get email newsletters. I like their workouts, but some articles are just ridiculous. The cardio-yoga routine is a little weak. I go to Power Yoga on Saturdays… most of the time, and I get more cardio and yoga in than that workout.


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