Unhealthy health food

Occasionally, I eat a Larabar for a midday snack, especially if I’m on the run or planning an evening workout.

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough is my favorite Larabar, which contains 4 grams of protein, 3 grams of fiber and 11 grams of fat. It is 220 calories (and it. is. del. icio. us.). The Apple Pie or Banana Nut Larabars are probably better for me, but I cannot get enough of that cookie dough.

I like Larabars because they’re made from all-natural ingredients that I can pronounce. I do not eat Larabars because I think they’ll help me lose weight.

However, Larabars are one of the six healthy-sounding foods that aren’t really healthy. According to EatingWell, energy bars, like the Larabar, are about as healthy as a Snickers.

I disagree.

Snickers do not have fruit. Snickers do not contain only ingredients I can pronounce. Snickers are way worse for your teeth.

Larabars win.

Granola is also a non-healthy health food because it’s loaded with sugar, which is probably contributing in part to my weight loss plateau. (Note: I am never giving up granola. I put less than a 1/4 cup in my Greek yogurt every day. I love it. Screw the facts.)

And guess what! Yogurt, even Greek yogurt, is a non-healthy health food.


Whatever. I get lots of calcium.

Salads, smoothies and sushi rolls made the EatingWell list, too. It never crossed my mind that sushi would be healthy except for the fact that I get omega-3 fatty acids from the fish.

Here is how I make my non-healthy health foods healthy again.

  • I do not load my yogurt and smoothies with sugar.
  • I do not cover my salad in salad dressing.
  • I do not eat refined carbohydrates and sugar on a regular basis.
Tada. Have a Larabar. Eat some granola and yogurt. Have a salad.

2 thoughts on “Unhealthy health food

  1. Corrie Anne

    I have a personal annoyance with people calling Greek Yogurt unhealthy. I use a lot of nonfat Greek yogurt to sub for things like sour cream. And I do like some of the flavored ones and as long as you go with lower fat/sugar… you should be golden. I can see how people could make mistakes with that list of foods if they’re not careful. Especially salads can be confusing if you just think it’s healthy because there is lettuce involved.


    • skinnyshae

      I’m sure my Greek yogurt is full of fat, but it’s at 140 calories per container and I don’t eat ALL the fruit stuff.

      AND salads drive me nuts! Greens are good for you but not when covered in “chicken salad” loaded with sour cream and mayo and not when covered in cheese. Oi vay!

      I’m never NOT going to eat Greek yogurt. I love.


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