DietsInReview needs interns in Wichita, Kan.

Diets in Review needs interns!

Are you excited? I could WRITE IT LOUDER if you need to be more excited.

DIR Director of Publishing Brandi Koskie emailed me last week asking if I knew any journalism students and/or health-fitness-nutrition interns with a strong background in writing. I’m known for knowing journalism students.

(Yes. She asked last week. I’m a bad friend.)

DIR needs at least three interns, but the number is not definitive. Brandi requested the interns also have an inclination for healthy living, a propensity for social media and are interested in getting published (while running errands). Schedule is flexible.

I love her job descriptions.

Interns will be responsible for writing and publishing articles for and as well as researching stories for the writing team, doing social media for both sites, office management, learning and contributing to the SEO strategy and holding Brandi’s umbrella on rainy days.

That last part might not be a joke ;)

Interns will benefit from this opportunity because they will write and publish on a leading healthy living website as well as get hands-on experience in digital publishing. Interns will also learn best practices and trends for writing, SEO and social media.

(Brandi taught me SEO, in a quick lecture, but I absorbed the information well. If I didn’t already have an amazing job, I would totes work for Brandi. I almost did once, and then I didn’t, and I kinda regret it. Point is… you should jump on this opportunity.)

If you want to work for DIR and Brandi (and with my friend Dana!), you can reach Brandi on her contact page. You do not need to provide a formal resume if you have a complete LinkedIn page (which you should), but writing samples are always welcome.

Get your job on!

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