A palate of green: Soups and smoothies for the spring

When I was young, spring began in March.

At the beginning of March, my grandfather would start preparing his gardens for vegetables and flowers. I cannot wait for the sun-warmed tomatoes!

Homegrown in Home Garden skinnyshae grandfather

The first purple flowers of phlox began to bloom, and the song birds came back to bathe in the bird bath in the back yard.

Last Sunday, I visited my grandparents, and Papa plucked the first phlox flower of spring for my grandmother. The flowers are about the size of a nickel so it was a sweet gesture more than a romantic one.

Plus, they’re in their 70’s. Anything lovey-dovey is cute. (No disrespect.)

Papa also pointed out the Cardinals and Robins bathing in the pool of water that had collected after some wintry ice melted.

Flowers, birds and so much green. I love spring, and I’m glad it is finally spring in Kansas.

…well, as spring as Kansas can get… It sleeted-snowed last Thursday.

I crave greenery and outside during spring, especially since I know the summer will kill me (and all the flowers) with its stupid hotness.

I also crave green eats (and if I’m at a picnic… Holy cow! I’ll be a happy camper.) Fresh, crunchy salads are my favorite go-to lunch during the spring. It just feels right to be eating spinach in the spring.

Of course, green salad after green salad after green salad can get a little boring. What do we do when we’re bored? Eat French fries… or maybe that’s just me.

I am going to switch up my green routine this spring by adding in sweet smoothies and savory soups.

Last December, Lisa and Maria of Healthy Diaries posted the “12 Days of Green Smoothies” for the “12 Days of Christmas.” The Gingerbread Cookie Smoothie made me think of Christmas, but the green-ness of the smoothies just screamed spring! I’m excited to feed Husband the green Peanut Butter Fudge Smoothie. His favorite flavor but probably not his favorite smoothie color.

Another option I plan on trying is the Green Monster Smoothie from My Little Celebration!

Spring evenings can get a little chilly, and a warm bowl of soup feels good when the house is drafty regardless of the season. I found vibrant green soups at EatingWell, and I want to make the Spinach Soup with Rosemary Croutons for my chilly March evenings.

Green season! Green salads, smoothies and soups!

I’m so happy it is time for spring!