Yoga heals shin splints

The reason I love yoga: It fixes everything.

Remember when I ran like a crazy person with the Shocker Fitness crew? Remember my epic complaining about shin splints?

Shin splints are the result of strain on the shin and muscle surrounding it and usually occur when a runner (or athlete) pushes his or herself too hard too soon. The only way for shin splints to heal is to rest. Forget heat. Forget ice. Forget Advil (doesn’t work). Shin splints need to be rested. Without rest, a runner risks greater injury.

You know… for example, if a runner doesn’t rest her shins, she can pull her butt muscle so bad I couldn’t walk…

SHE. She couldn’t walk. She.

And, believe me, I know! When a girl is on a weight loss mission, resting isn’t really on her mind. (And my shin splints still didn’t go away!)

Little did I know that yoga could cure my ails…

…I should really know that by now, right?

According to Livestrong, if your shins are giving you a hard time, you should rest them and stretch them with yoga.

Ten minutes of Legs Up the Wall pose, Hero pose for 30 seconds to one minute and Tree pose for five to 10 breaths a leg will help loosen, stretch and relax the muscle surrounding the shin so it can heal.

Legs Up the Wall pose is also good for backaches, which I currently have, so… See ya!

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