Curly hair without the heat

My thin, fine hair must be washed and heat dried in order to achieve any manner of volume. The volumizer and volumizing hair spray I use also help. My hair is also naturally wavy and frizzes at the first sign of moisture so I also have to use a shine serum to tame the snap, crackle, pop!


However, daily washing, heat drying and chemicals can damage hair. I use natural shampoo and condition (as often as possible) and organic volumizer and hair spray to prevent as much damage as possible, but my blow dryer really has it out for my ends.

Split ends. Get it?

Less than one month after a trim, my hair begins the never-ending splitting and breaking process so that I have to return to the salon and pay way too much money for a simple trim and style.

Plus, I’m lazy so I don’t actually make it to the salon that often. Remember the last time I got my hair cut? Yeah, that was the LAST time I got my hair cut.

It’s been a while.

As for second day hair, the tattoo on my head has to be covered for work so I have to wear my hair down or cover it with makeup. I don’t get up early enough to put work into covering my tattoo, and I have not had much luck with dry shampoo.

All that means is that I have to style my hair with heat and chemicals every day so I look like a clean civilized human being.

At least, I did until I discovered the amazingness that are Pinterest and Kayla Aimee’s blog.

Kayla Aimee is a twenty-something southern girl blogging about motherhood, scrapbooking and good-fitting jeans. If I were crafty… and a mom… we would totes have more in common than jeans. We do, however, appreciate good hair without the heat.

Source: via Anna on Pinterest


Heat-free and pretty curls!

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  1. madhealthnut

    I love that you posted this!! I tried this not long ago, but with wet hair. Therefore the next morning, my hair did NOT turn out how I thought it was going too. I am going to try this tonight and see what happens. The video helped out a lot :) Thanks!


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