Dangerous Detox: Your body on fruit juice

There are two forms of dieting that I do not promote: fasting and detox.

In fact, I hate them, and when friends tell me they’re fasting or detoxing, I vehemently express my disgust.

Detoxification is the body’s way of cleaning out toxins. Detox, in my opinion, is meant for alcoholics and drug addicts. In those situations, detox is an important step toward recovery. However, for dieters and people who are extremely active, fasting and detox can damage the body.

According to Cathy Wong, licensed naturopathic doctor and American College of Nutrition certified nutrition specialist, detox diets minimize the amount of chemicals eaten, emphasize foods with vitamins and minerals and contain high-fiber, water-based foods.

So… juice.

The worst program I have seen is the lemonade diet, which include drinking 60 ounces of spring water, 12 tablespoons of organic maple syrup, 12 tablespoons fresh squeezed lemon juice and half a teaspoon of cayenne pepper a day. The diet lasts 4-5 days or two weeks.


Why detox when you can just eat healthy food? Have you tried a detox diet or cleanse? Tell me about it.