Beauty Scars: The bane of my existence

In case you didn’t know, stretch marks are the bane of my existence. Well, stretch marks and cellulite.

Of course, I  know that stretch marks are impossible to destroy without TONS of money and a lot of patience. I have neither, and I have given up all hope on getting rid of mine.

It’s whatever.

Unfortunately, my under-the-skin scars from puberty are not the only scars on my body. My newest scars are of the atrophic variety

Yes. Acne has damaged the collagen on my forehead, cheeks and chin, and now my once flawless skin has reddened and wrinkled.

Flawless? Really? Am I that conceited?

No. I am not that conceited. I just… In high school, I never got zits. I assume the current peppering across my face is karma for having great skin at prom or something.

Hopefully, the creams I use now will fix the scars before I have to bring out the big guns. I am way too cheap and way too lazy to do my skin any good. I’m really banking on the acne prevention cream, zit-reducer and wrinkle cream I use now.

And do you remember this incident? (I shouldn’t be allowed to use a stove top.)

Burn on Wrist Arm Burn from Hot Oil

I hoped by using a mix of Neosporin, cocoa butter and vitamin E that I would have been able to prevent the burns from turning to scars.

I am just not that lucky. Ugh. I’m a hot mess.

Perhaps, scars are the bane of my existence. Do you have scars? Did you get rid of your scars? If so, tell me how. Do it.

Maybe I’ll try dermabrasion

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