Special K (weight loss) Challenge

The Special K Challenge is a meal plan designed around eating Kellogg’s Special K cereals and other Special K products, such as meal bars and protein shakes, in order to lose weight.

I am not inclined to believe that a cereal diet is going to provide the nutritional value needed to fuel a workout, but perhaps you’re not working out…

I decided to plan my own Special K diet just to see if I could jibe with the food.

First, I needed to select my lifestyle…

Special K Diet Plan Fits Your LifestyleAm I “on the go,” “a foodie” or “a vegetarian?”

Well, I’m certainly not a vegetarian. I am on the go, but I doubt my go will get in the way of my food.


Then, I have to decide when to start my plan. I chose today. My plan apparently ends on in two weeks.

Plan a diet around eating Special K cerealsAfter entering those two simple pieces of information, my meal plan is created. Perhaps it should have asked if I had any allergies or special food needs. I might be diabetic. Special K certainly doesn’t know. Maybe I hate cod, which I do, but Special K decided that I should eat it tonight.

The recipes for dinner are not bad recipes, but the rest of the day would leave me starving. And losing six pounds in two weeks? Seems unreal without exercise, and with exercise, you need more food than this meal plan provides.

I’m not a fan, but I’m also not much of an expert when it comes to diet plans. I found a few other opinions.

Cons from Diet Blog: Eat Right, Get Healthy:

“…Satiety – From experience, I’ve noticed that wolfing down a bowl of cereal doesn’t always curb the hunger pangs. However having a bit more protein in the mix does keep the pangs at bay.

Nutrition – The simple truth is – Special K is better than what most people eat, but it still contains such gems as High Fructose Corn Syrup…”

Diets in Review outlined these cons:

  • Lacking in balanced nutrition
  • A temporary solution
  • Special K products contain trans fats
  • Provide little guidance for planning dinner meals

I do not agree with the final point. From what I saw, there is plenty of direction for dinner as long as you are prepared to buy the long list of interesting ingredients and prepare a super dinner every night.

What do you think? Cereal diet or no?

6 thoughts on “Special K (weight loss) Challenge

  1. tuesday2

    I love cereal for a night time snack! I have two boxes of Special K Chocolate in my cupboard at the moment; I add it to my foodie lifestyle….I don’t think I could find enough comfort food on a ‘cereal’ diet! :D


    • skinnyshae

      I eat cereal for dinner occasionally – not lying, totally shamed – but only because I get home late and a bowl of granola sounds amazing. I know I’d miss out on the comfort food. I’m a Midwest girl, and I like my red meat.


  2. Shelley Downs

    Nice post. I agree with you on this. A plan that requires me to buy a long list of ingredients I don’t already have on-hand and then spending an hour prepping the meal after work won’t work for me. And, really, I don’t believe in following any particular diet. Eating and exercise should be a lifestyle; a plan that’s easy to incorporate into both work days and weekends. Eating in moderation and keeping myself in check is important. If I have a few cocktails or eat too much dessert one day, I pay for it on the treadmill the next day.


    • skinnyshae

      Exactly! I didn’t put it better myself!

      If I watch what I eat, put real food in my body and hit the gym as often as I can (and take the time to get physical activity daily), then I doubt I need to “diet.” I especially don’t need a cereal diet!

      Well put! And thank you!


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