Nutrisystem provides convenient weight loss

For this week in blogging, I will highlight different meals and diet plans I have seen on television – soup and cereal meal plans, food delivery and weight loss support. Some of them are serious, and some of them are for fun.

I hope you enjoy!

Nutrisystem is a weight loss program designed around prepackaged, portion-controlled meals personalized for each dieter. (And it’s on television ALL the time.) The program designs meal plans for women, men and dieters with special food needs, such as diabetics. Dieters can create their own 28-day menus or use pre-made menus designed by Nutrisystem.

The program provides dieters with an online profile to access support services and free tools, such as a daily tracking planner. Online access does not end when dieters end the program. Dieters also have access to transition plans when switching from Nutrisystem meals to normal food.

Unlike the soup and cereal weight loss plans, Nutrisystem does not annoy me to my core. It even encourages physical fitness, which I like. My mother lost weight using it, but it was too expensive for her to continue and too expensive for me to try. Fresh fruits and homemade meals are encouraged but not the program’s focus, and I think healthy weight loss requires real food.*

*As opposed to packaged food. (Note added.)

Also, I have eaten some of the food products, and they’re not that tasty. Bland meal bars and dull entrees. The hot cocoa was OK.

But Diets in Review listed more pros than cons.

(Look at that pretty face on my blog! Thanks for letting me use the video Brandi!)

Have you tried Nutrisystem? What are your experiences?

One thought on “Nutrisystem provides convenient weight loss

  1. innocentbystandr

    Hi! I have only just created a blog within the last month and my first real series of posts are actually about my journey using Nutrisystem, haha. Today was my second day on it and Im blogging about my meals, thoughts about the meals, and other meanderings. I figured that posting about my journey would help me get through it and monitor progress. Im pretty straight forward in my blog and I really go into detail about the meals and everything that comes along with the plan. So far, I like it. I also included a couple pictures in one of the posts. Take a look at my posts in the Food category. Like I said, Ive only just really start my blog recently so I don’t have many posts, but the ones that ARE there are about Nutrisystem.


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