Buy the right sports gear for your girls

If you are not a woman, go ahead and stop reading.

According to Dr. Joanna Scurr, wearing the incorrect sports bra while jogging or sprinting will irreversibly damage and stretch fragile ligaments, which leads to sagging.

Oh, how I wish they taught this in middle school health class. (Secretly, I believe the health teacher didn’t teach us girls these valuable lessons on purpose. Bitter.)

What constitutes the correct sports bra? Check out these eight simple guidelines.

Did you ever think about number seven? Of course, test the bra out before buying. Run in place in the dressing room – whatever you need to do. But have you considered buying a bra that fits on the first set of hooks instead of the innermost hooks?

I haven’t! No one told me!

I have been wasting money on 36 sports bras when I could be buying 32. They’d last much longer.

Find yours: Women’s Health Magazine’s Best Sports Bras

2 thoughts on “Buy the right sports gear for your girls

    • skinnyshae

      I have two HUGE problems :(

      It’s so hard finding just the right sports bra. Mine are always torture devices ready to cut into my skin or stab me to death with a bloody underwire.

      If you didn’t know, I HATE bra shopping.


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