clean green eats and poor capitalization

I discovered eats clean greens through My Little Celebrationboth of which have been added to the list of my favorite blogs to read since I started blogging.

Michelle Marie of eats clean greens is a distance runner and spinach muncher. Her blog is a daily recounting of her fitness and her food through the use of poor capitalization and swearing.

I love it.

She is accidentally inspirational. I do not know if she means to be inspiring, but she is succeeding in my book, especially when it comes to her nutritional food creations.

She admits to being an OK cook, but her boyfriend is a better chef. (Does that sound familiar? Husband?)

While I cannot condone the eating of tofu, I understand that some people enjoy it… for some reason… I really do enjoy her blog and her attitude. If you’re not a fan of colorful language, don’t stop by, but if you’ve got a strong (and grumbling) stomach, give her a look-see.

See? I told you she liked spinach.

What’s your favorite green? Spinach. Every day. We already have so much in common!