Birthday Review + Link Blog

I turned 24 on Thursday, February 9, and it was totes the best birthday ever.

(Except for the fact that my hard drive is broken. I am attempting to fix the little bugger for freebies, but we have to validate the warranty first, and that’s kinda taking forever. Right now, I am hijacking my mother’s computer. Thanks, Mom!)

First, my boss sang me happy birthday and presented me with an awesome present.

Coffee and a travel mug from StarbucksDark Sumatra Coffee from Starbucks and a DISHWASHER SAFE travel mug. She already knows me so well.

The card she gave me said: “You have EXACTLY 30 seconds to present a &%$#&@# pony or this party is OVER.”

I love it.

She also bought me lunch because she is the bomb diggity. At lunch, a good friend of mine dropped off a mix CD for me. It’s the Yellow Crayon Mix. He asked me: “What’s your favorite smell?” I said: “Crayons,” but everyone says crayons, so I picked the YELLOW crayon. It’s a good mix :)

Then, a wonderful surprise arrived at the front desk.

A dozen red roses and a box of Russel Stovers chocolate trufflesGuess who sent a dozen red roses and a box of chocolate truffles to work for my birthday?

If you said: “Husband,” you would be correct.

I love that man.

He also made me turkey burgers for dinner! Best hubs evah.

On Friday, my husband’s family took me out to Thai Traditions for dinner. Thai Traditions is a great restaurant. Pad Thai? Yes, please. I got the Spicy Garlic Shrimp, and hung out with this sweet face.

My nephewThe picture is a tich dark, but you can totally tell he’s the sweetest little monster ever.

Google even wished me a happy birthday! How sweet is that?!

Google wishes a happy birthday to skinnyshaeOn Saturday, I dragged myself out of a Thai Traditions induced coma to go to Power Yoga. Power yoga is my…

Working out is my morning cup of coffeeAll-in-all: Best Birthday Ever. Happy camper.

Remember how I said my blog would change for a Web Writing class I’m taking this semester?

Well, that change is going to happen on Monday. Prepare yourself for some linky goodness. It’s going to be juicy, folks.

The truffles didn’t last long…

Empty box of chocolate trufflesI didn’t eat ALL of them… just most of them…