Shopping Trip #3: Conservative Fashion-Forward Work Clothes

My third attempt at shopping for work clothes ended about as well as the first and second shopping trips.

I didn’t buy much.

I probably would find great clothing if I was willing to spend a little more money: Gap, The Limited, Dillard’s – all great options! However, I limit my clothing options to Gordman’s, Kohl’s, TJMaxx and second-hand shops like Plato’s Closet.

I’m so cheap.

Charlotte Russe Blue-Green Sweater
The fit was perfect around my torso, but then there was WAY too much fabric roaming around my shoulders. Shirts have to stay on at work.

A pink sweater from Charlotte Russe at the East Mall in Wichita KSShirt download: 50% complete…

Shirts also have to be all there at work, but the pink was really pretty.

Gordman's Patterned Silky TopThe picture might not do justice to how ridiculous I looked in this shirt.

Green Cowl Neck Sweater from the East Gordman's Location in Wichita KSThis top was – for the most part – OK, except for the sleeves. I’m also pretty sure it wouldn’t look good with black pants, and that’s all I have. A no-go.

A black-and-white striped shirt from Charlotte Russe in the East Mall in Wichita KSI cannot wear this shirt to work. Three cutouts in the back don’t cover my shoulder art, and I don’t think I should be wearing shirts with cutouts to work.

I still bought it because it’s totally cute and comfortable.

Black shirt from Gordman's in Wichita KSIn my defense, I tried on shirts that were colors other than black. I bought this black shirt for work because it wasn’t too tight (one size larger than I wear), and it’s clean cut.

Two shirts. Seven stores. Epic fail.

I need a personal shopper. That’s all there is to it. I am now taking applications. Shoot me an email.

Where do conservative fashion-forward cheap women shop in Wichita? Is it always such an adventure?

2 thoughts on “Shopping Trip #3: Conservative Fashion-Forward Work Clothes

    • skinnyshae

      I just looked so silly in that shirt. I’m too big in the hips for a flare right there! :) (I can’t remember how much it cost!)

      The green one was so cute, but the sleeves were odd feeling… I’m so picky with clothing – it’s ridiculous. I’m a relaxed dresser. Jeans and T-shirts are my favorite things. Ever.

      Thanks for your input!


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