Blogging again + An update

Two weeks?



No excuses.

I have avoided my computer because I’m glued to 52 square inches of screen at work.

Computer WorkstationNot that I don’t love those screens! I am thankful and blessed to be staring at those screens. I’m thankful for work! (And I’ll give you another reason in a minute.) But I just had to rest my eyes and my mind.

Sometimes, you have got to get away from technology. I also cut myself off from Facebook and Twitter – so much so that one of my friends sent me a message to make sure I was OK.


During my break, I finished reading the second book in my series: The Girl Who Played with Fire. I love mysteries, but here is my warning: It is just as morbid as the first book.

Two weeks. A nice vacation from blogging (just one week from social media). I had a nice rest, but I’m back to blogging!

I am also back to school. I have six credit hours left until I get my master’s degree.


I am so close! My class met Thursday: Writing and Editing for the Web. The required textbook? The Yahoo! Style Guide. Assignments? Write blogs.

No. I’m not joking.

Yes. It’s awesome.

skinnyshae will change this semester. Instead of a lot of original, unique content, the blog will transform to a “link blog” somewhat. I will share more information than I will create. Expect to see a lot of links to some of my favorite blogs and websites.

I also have a graduate project this semester. I want to write a proposal for the university to consider creating a Campus Kitchens Project at WSU as a continuation of my research about hunger from last semester. Check out the CKP here. Another student from that class, Katie, and I might be able to create a poster for a graduate competition at WSU. I am super excited about that possibility. Fingers crossed!

The project will take up much of my time, but I should be far less stressed than I was last semester. I’m sure we all remember how crazy I was… I know Husband does ;)

Already this year, I suffered an unfortunate loss…

My car died :(

According to the man at Jiffy Lube, who I am sure knew his stuff, I blew a head gasket. Pretty sure that’s a $5 part and a $1500 repair bill. Husband and I have put so much money in to that car.

When I told him, he looked at me and said: “I think its time to buy a car.” So guess what we did during my technology break!

WE BOUGHT A CAR! And by “bought,” I mean we have a loan and a car payment and boo… but we totally have a new(er) car! Yay!

If I did not stop teaching at WSU and start working at the bank full-time, Husband and I would not have been able to buy a car to replace my dead Grand Am. My mother and her husband will work on the broken car. Here is my apology: I’m sorry I broke it! Thank you for letting me drive it for so long.

Speaking of my job… I love it! Research is one of my favorite activities. I was the weird kid in school who loved writing research papers. I don’t write whole papers at work – no time for that – but I write plenty of little reports!

Giddy with excitement <—- ME.

Prepare yourselves for some serious link-blogging because I am back.